Property Law

We are experienced providing legal advice and representation in relation to:

  • Buying and selling real property
  • Leases, licenses and agistment agreements
  • Tenure upgrades and other dealings
  • § Land access and tenure dealings

o Local Government Applications to Purchase

o Competitive Purchase – Priority Criteria

o Application of the State Development and Public Works Organisation Act 1971 (Qld)

o Reserve Land Dealings

  • Land dispute resolution
  • Compulsory Acquisitions


Our Team

Marrawah Law represents the combined strengths of two firms and over 75 years’ experience in the practice of law for government, corporate and Indigenous clients:

Leah Cameron
Founder & Principal Solicitor

Oliver Gilkerson

Cassie Lang
Senior Solicitor

Thomas Cameron
Senior Solicitor

Deanna Cartledge
Senior Solicitor

Mikaela French

Nareeta Davis

Caitlyn Tim
Administrative Assistant