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Do we just service Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients?

No. As an Indigenous owned legal practice Marrawah Law has several points of difference that provide significant value to our clients and improvements to the quality of life for indigenous persons, but we take on any case for any person who needs our expertise.

How many Indigenous personnel do we have?

Marrawah Law is 100% Indigenous owned and certified by Supply Nation as majority owned controlled and managed by an indigenous person.

The Legal Practitioner Director, Owner and Principal Solicitor is a Palawa woman from Tasmania. The business currently has a 75% Indigenous staff base.

A 5-year strategic goal is to become the first 100% Indigenous staff law practice.

What Geographical Location do we work?

Marrawah Law currently services clients in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. Marrawah Law utilises modern technology to minimise the costs of servicing the needs of clients in remote and regional areas.

Client confidentiality?

We will always protect the personal information of our clients. We will not disclose client information which is confidential and that we have acquired during our engagement with that client unless required to by law or as instructed.

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