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One Law. Marrawah Law

About Us

The founding philosophy of Marrawah Law was to provide Indigenous people and their entities with forthright, comprehensive, accurate and culturally appropriate advice and representation in relation to their property and businesses.

When Marrawah Law commenced practice, there was a vast gap between client expectations of appropriate legal advice and what was being delivered.

As an Indigenous woman and solicitor our principal knows how important it is to ‘do business the right way, not the easy way’.  This is the founding philosophy of the firm to provide culturally appropriate advice and representation in relation to indigenous people’s interests and for the advice to be given by people who know first-hand their experiences and who respect the client’s right to speak for themselves and self-determine.

Marrawah Law is a multi-award winning indigenous legal practice independently certified by Supply Nation as a 100% Indigenous-owned, controlled and managed company.

Marrawah Law means ‘One Law’. It is the bringing together of two nations’ laws. We offer commercially focused advice to clients throughout Australia with special expertise in the areas of commercial, corporate, property (including native title, cultural heritage and intellectual property), litigation; and family law.


Competitive Advantage

As an Indigenous owned legal practice Marrawah Law has several points of difference that provide significant value to our clients and improvements to the quality of life for indigenous persons.


Strong Local Knowledge

Our team at Marrawah Law have a strong local knowledge through Northern Australia and have…


Quality Committment

Marrawah Law work closely with clients to ensure the highest levels of engagement. We stand by the principles outlined in our Client Service Charter and our Quality Assurance performance indicators.

Meet Our Team

Our valuable team at Marrawah Law can be trusted for their commitment. Our practice is family-friendly and offers flexible working hours and firm-funded professional development opportunities for legal and administrative staff. We are proud to say that we are 75% Indigenous staffed.

Leah Cameron
Principal Solicitor, Director and Owner

Leah Cameron

Leah is a Palawa woman from Tasmania and the Principal Solicitor and owner of Marrawah Law. Leah’s primary areas of practice are native title, cultural heritage, future acts and commercial
Thomas Cameron
Senior Solicitor

Thomas Cameron

Thomas is a senior solicitor at Marrawah Law. Coming from a background in general private practice Tom has in-depth experience across the fields of litigation, commercial law, family law, and
Caitlyn Tim
Administrative Assistant

Caitlyn Tim

Caitlyn is our administrative whiz. She is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander from the Gangalidda, Darnley and Erub Islander mobs with family connections in Papua New Guinea.
Kylie Arlidge
Administrative Assistant

Kylie Arlidge

Kylie is a Cairns local and is from the Badtjala, Gooreng Gooreng and Wakka Wakka clans of southern Queensland. She is currently studying law at James Cook University.


Our Core Philosophy

A core philosophy of Marrawah Law is doing business the right way rather than the easy way. We have built this philosophy into our client service strategy, so customers have representation that is culturally appropriate and affordable.

Client confidentiality

We will always protect the personal information of our clients. We will not disclose client information which is confidential and that we have acquired during our engagement with that client unless required to by law or as instructed.

Geographical area served

Marrawah Law currently services clients in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. Marrawah Law utilises modern technology to minimise the costs of servicing the needs of clients in remote and regional areas.

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