Random Acts of Kindness Lead to Unexpected Expansion of Award Winning Indigenous Legal Practice.


The award-winning Queensland based Indigenous legal practice Marrawah Law has doubled in size from 1 July through the extraordinary generosity of another legal practitioner.

Well respected native title lawyer Oliver Gilkerson of Gilkerson Legal who has practiced in the field of native title for over 30 years often met Indigenous lawyer Leah Cameron, a Palawa woman from Tasmania, on the other side of legal proceedings over 10 years ago.

Mr Gilkerson was impressed by Leah’s skill and approach with First Nations clients as well as her establishment of Marrawah Law, the only Supply Nation-certified Indigenous legal practice in Queensland, which is 100% Indigenous owned.

Mr Gilkerson says his decision to transfer his practice to Marrawah Law was made after a single act of kindness on Mrs Cameron’s part. “Leah sent flowers to a fellow solicitor who was having a terrible time through no fault of their own. This small gesture cemented in my mind Leah’s approach of going the extra mile and putting not just her client’s interests at the forefront but her ongoing relationship with colleagues within the profession”.

Mrs Cameron said that she was completely taken by surprise and was overwhelmed by Mr Gilkerson’s generosity. “We are incredibly excited that we are now in a position to provide a greater range of services through our increased number of staff, wider breadth of experience and the establishment of our office in Brisbane. We can also offer more law graduates the opportunity to work with us and gain much needed experience to enter the profession”.

The joining of the two dynamic, experienced and committed legal teams means that Marrawah Law will become one of the largest 100% Indigenous owned Supply Nation certified legal practice in Australia.

The firm’s philosophy is framed around Mrs Cameron’s passion for advancing First Nations’ people’s interests and improving their lives. Mrs Cameron says ‘as an Indigenous woman and solicitor I know how important it is to do business the right way, not the easy way and to respect the client’s right to speak for themselves and self-determine’.

Aside from growing her own firm Mrs Cameron is passionate about pushing for procurement of goods and services from other First Nations businesses as a means of effecting social change she says ‘growing Indigenous businesses from the ground up not only benefits individual business owners but the wider community as Indigenous businesses are more likely to buy from other Indigenous services and employ Indigenous staff. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways of generating social value and can help
break the cycle of disadvantage’.

• From 1 July Marrawah Law is one of the largest 100% Indigenous owned legal practices in Australia.
• Marrawah Law will operate an office in Cairns (head office) and Brisbane.
• The firm currently practices in the areas of native title, cultural heritage, commercial, property, family and civil litigation law.

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